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Frequently Asked Questions
Is StockPilots footage Royalty Free?
What types of licenses are available?
Just one: Unlimited Use. That includes model and property releases. Every clip in our library is as good as yours, as long as you have the right account (economy or premium). The only caveat, don’t resell it, or give the original footage away.
Are there any rules for using videos from StockPilots?
Don’t use footage for hate speech or anything deemed pornographic in regional markets. We know you wouldn’t, but we have to say it.
Can I download a preview clip?
With our account structure, you don’t need a preview. Start downloading clips the second you sign up for an Economy (it’s free) or Premium account.
What resolution do clips come in?
All our footage comes in HD and 4k.
Can I get a refund?
Our Economy membership is free, so consider it done. As for Premium, we’ll always do our best to hear you out and make sure you’re happy.
Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?
Is that really all I need to know?
Yes. We’re all about making stock simpler. What you see is what you get.